ELSA Copenhagen’s Summer Law School 2017

Maritime Law

ELSA Copenhagen’s Summer Law School 2017 had Maritime Law as subject, and it included exclusive academic activities at some of the biggest companies in the maritime area.

When you think of shipping and Maritime Law, you think of Maersk (Mærsk in Danish)! As the world’s largest shipping company the Danish company has offices in more than 135 countries worldwide and around 89,000 employees. Therefore Maersk was a natural part of the academic programme and the very competent legal department at Maersk gave a presentation about maritime claims.

The participants also did case studies at Gorrissen Federspiel, which is one of Denmark’s biggest law firms, who presented some of their most interesting cases in the maritime field.

Another law firm included in the program was Bech-Bruun, a full-service corporation with over 500 employees specialized in each their area with offices in both Denmark and Shanghai. At Bech-Bruun there was given a lecture on maritime dispute resolution – a very hot topic at the moment!

The program also included a company visit to another of the academic partners; D/S Norden. D/S Norden is a Danish shipping company operating in dry cargo and tanker segment worldwide. D/S Norden was founded in 1871, making it one of Denmarks oldest internationally operating shipping companies, which gave the participants the opportunity to see how maritime law is used in real life at a large work place.

In addition to the academic programme the students went on a boat tour through the lovely canals of Copenhagen.